IGG.com’s Recent Accomplishment: Clash of Lords 2


The first appearance of Clash of Lords title on the mobile suggests an entire battalion of mediocre IGG.com games ready to pour across the horizon. But if the rest of the games are as good as this one, we’ll survive. Clash of Lords 2 is the sequel to arguably the best Clash of Lords game yet. Naturally, this is the best looking Clash of Lords 2 game to date, thanks to the iOS and Android, and the novel environments and fast action keep it from flagging. We wouldn’t eBay one of our internal organs to own this game, but it is fun enough to be worth the price of admission.

Hopefully videogames and disgustingly overpowered game consoles haven’t robbed America’s youth of the formative experience of senseless toy destruction. A bucketful of plastic soldiers and a few Black Cats, Bottle Rockets and Jumping Jacks are all that’s needed for an afternoon of healthy demolition. Clash of Lords 2 captures those innocent joys, but in a free-to-play platform.

Clash of Lords 2 enlists players in the fight against the growing power of the tan army. Some of them look like urban landscapes, while others resemble real worlds in miniature. None of the maps are overwhelmingly large, and a helpful mini-map can be toggled on and off with the button.

The main mode in the game is the familiar campaign run, where cartoonish CG cutscenes provide players with all the motivation they need to drop napalm on the enemy. Most of the missions in the single-player mode are straightforward and easy; Blade has to either shoot something down or blow something up. Before each mission there is a loadout screen complete with the co-pilots from the original Clash of Lords. Each co-pilot provides a different secondary attack, while the five different helicopters give Blade his primary attack and basic characteristics.

The controls are simple and intuitive, with the left analog stick and shoulder buttons handling the movement. The aiming is utterly forgiving, as players only need to point their ‘copter in the general direction of an enemy to score a hit. There are loads of powerups, and the strategy doesn’t extend beyond the loadout screen. Like the previous Clash of Lords, we found most of the missions to be pretty darn easy, with more challenges towards the very end of the campaign. For gamers who prefer to do their virtual destruction in tandem, Clash of Lords 2 supports cooperative campaign play via split-screen, as well as five different multiplayer modes. None of them really changed the complexion of the game for us, but more variety is always welcome.

The chief difference in Clash of Lords 2 , however, is the improved cheats engine. The mobile games were often a strange combination of lackluster gameplay with very ambitious graphical demands. The result was sluggish games with sluggish framerates. But thanks to the Clash of Lords 2 never stutters as it delivers some very nice graphics. The game employs full-scene anti-aliasing to good effect, and the colorful graphics and imaginative locales stave off boredom. There are some nice little touches like realtime shadows. Clash of Lords 2 is hardly a visual tour de force, mind, but there is plenty of fun to be had here.